0:00 Alea opens her eyes and is standing in an all black room. 

Woman in all black room.jpg

She's the only thing lit up in the room and darkness is all around her. She's wearing the white top and black pants 

Screen Shot 2017-12-14 at 4.50.51 PM.png
Screen Shot 2017-12-14 at 4.51.03 PM.png

The camera is facing her and she is looking directly into the lens. 

Screen Shot 2017-12-14 at 4.57.26 PM.png

The camera is moving slowly away from her in a spiral (the phi ratio). The camera smoothly moves away from her and along the right side of her body in the spiral pattern. 

phi ratio.jpg

Smoke is slowly wafting into frame from underneath her. 

smoke wafting.jpg

It's all around her and she curiously looks at it billow in the air. She reaches out to it gently with her fingers. The camera is moving around the back of her and at 0:19 the camera moves from behind the right side of her head to the left side and we see DIJON sitting 22ft away from her elevated in a throne. 


He's lit the same way as ALEA in that you can see him but there is darkness all around him. He is wearing a black hoodie and his head is downcast so that we can't see his eyes. All we can see is his nose and mouth. He looks like a Sith lord. The camera starts to move towards him and as it gets closer smoke starts to billow from underneath him. 

man in black hood.jpg

At 0:38 the camera swings from the right side of him around to the left side as he stands up from the throne. We see Alea again and there is a mixture of fear and excitement in her eyes. Dijon slowly walks towards her as the camera continues to spiral. At 0:58 Dijon is 7ft away from Alea (the camera is in profile to both of them) and he takes off his hood and looks her directly in the eyes. 

Cut to split screen close ups of both of their faces

at 0:58 fluorescent lights begin to illuminate the room. The colors are the ones from the Indigo Keys <> Elena Kulikova photoshoot. The colors shift as the main chords of the piano shift. (0:58, 1:01, 1:04, 1:06 etc). 


Camera continues to spiral tightly around them so we can see both of them in the eyes as they gaze into each others souls. At 1:19 they start dancing together. They dance until 1:59 when the bridge comes. At the bridge they face each other and soul gaze again. 


At 2:39 the camera shoots back out his eye and we're in the

room again. The fluorescent lights illuminate the room
and ALEa and Dijon begin their dance again. Their Push/pull
dance continues until the end of the song and
everything fades to black.