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I'm an artist, an urban mystic, and an intergalactic traveler. I'm the creator of SOULS of Society. SOULS uses storytelling to increase compassion, empathy, and spiritual awareness.

Today, crafting vibrations through music is my primary focus. On Journey To Arcturus I played keyboards, percussion, co-wrote the lyrics, and produced the songs.

I tapped into my Arcturian roots to channel these interstellar vibrations. I'm the visionary force behind Indigo Keys.



Annie Anton

Annie is the main vocalist for Indigo Keys. She is committed to living a path of personal truth, vulnerability, and self expression. By becoming fully intimate with all aspects of life, Annie invites others to do the same through her art.

By day, Annie is teaching emotion regulation at elementary schools across the Bay, holding the hearts of hundreds of little ones. She believes all beings should have the tools to tend and listen to their emotional world - especially at a young age.

Annie holds art as a powerful tool of transmutation, as well as humor. She also recognizes the importance of community as an essential part of our evolutionary journey at this time. She feels deep gratitude and celebration to be living in such a potent age of change and possibility.

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Craig Wenaweser

Craig "Keys" Wenaweser is a multi-instrumentalist in Indigo Keys, playing keyboards, and percussion. He is also a therapist and spiritual teacher, dedicated to sharing light and love with the world in many forms through music, teaching, writing and the healing arts.


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listening parties

Journey to Arcturus is an amazing album and piece of art, but it's more than that. It's a movement and WE NEED YOUR HELP TO SPREAD IT.

Nowadays music is something people put on in the background to set a mood. People put on Pandora and go about their day running errands. It's becoming rare that people are intentional and just sit and listen to music. Just being present with the experience. The quality of any experience is directly related to the quality of presence you bring to it. This album, like everything, has it's deepest impact when you give it your full attention. 

That's why we're setting up these listening parties. This is how they work: 

1) Invite a bunch of people over to journey to Arcturus

2) Make dinner together and CONNECT

3) Settle in, get comfy, and listen to the album on the best speakers possible in its entirety without any interruptions. Don't worry, it's only 33min and 33secs. Just relax and let it do its thing. I'll warn you, the music bends time so you may feel like you've crossed over into a place where there is no time

4) After the album ends, open up, be vulnerable, speak from your heart and share your feelings. Not your thoughtsFeelings come from the heart, thoughts come from the mind. Feelings are "I felt sad when...". Thoughts are "I didn't like when..."

Now more than ever we need to learn how to experience the world with our hearts. What's an example of that? When a little child gives you a drawing they did and you love it because you understand it's an expression of love. Who cares if it's "good"? They're sharing a part of themselves with you and you can't judge that. 

Politics is an example of what our relations are like when we act from the mind. People argue over who is "right" instead of acknowledging the diversity of perspective that exists between people. 

We all know how nasty that can get and we have to move above "right" and "wrong" and learn how to interact without judgement.

After everyone has had a chance to share their feelings and be seen, hopefully you feel fucking awesome. Maybe you made some new friends. Maybe you learned things about each other you didn't know before. Maybe, just maybe, your heart is open and you feel incredibly energized.

Now spread that love energy. Share your experience by doing a short REFLECTION on your iPhone and send it to hello@indigokeysmusic.com. We'll add it to the others here. Also spread the word on social media using the hashtag #JourneyToArcturus.

We can start a wave of love that can change the world. Are you with us?

If you want to host a listening party, BUY THE ALBUM and invite some friends over to journey to Arcturus. Use the app GATHER to organize the event. A homey co-founded the app which makes it easy to bring people together. He calls it "the Instagram of invites." 

Anyways, thanks for your help in building this. Sending love from our hearts to yours. 


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